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Join us around the piano for a good helping of family harmonies, led by the Haden Triplets and their father, jazz bassist Charlie Haden. Then get down to the sounds of Tupelo, Mississippi’s Homemade Jamz Blues Band, featuring the Perry brothers and their little sister Taya on drums. Plus music from famous family bands and songs about grandmas, cousins and long lost relatives — all of whom we expect to hear from at Thanksgiving dinner.


&BIt’s a two-hour walk through streets of the city as we dive into two great eras of New Orleans music. First, it’s the 1940s and 50s R hit factory with studio man Cosimo Matassa; producer, arranger, trumpet player Dave Bartholomew; drummer Earl Palmer and more. There’s also a chat with The Meters — Art Neville, George Porter, Leo Nocentelli and Zigaboo Modeliste — in which we get to the bottom of the bottom, find out what’s in the pocket, and get a definition of funk from the four men who continue to dish it out.


We profile two men that begin in classical and jazz and move in differing directions. Buttressed by a conservatory background, French horn player and composer David Amram moves freely and eclectically across genres of Latin, jazz, folk and classical music. Blind pianist Marcus Roberts speaks about his time spent as protege of Wynton Marsalis, and looks back over the history of jazz to his touchstones: James P. Johnson, Monk, Jelly Roll Morton and others.


This week we are visited by two men with legendary voices, in country and soul, famous for their duets and more. From the cotton patches of East Texas, George Jones remains one of the most distinctive voices in country music or otherwise. Known as “the King of Broken Hearts,” his hits through the ’60s and ’70s remain the high water mark for country ballads. Sam Moore, formerly of Sam & Dave, recalls his early days as a gospel singer in Miami and his conversion to pop. As a ’60s “Soul Man” he recorded a string of jukebox classics before pressing through difficult times, and has emerged with a second career on his own.